My name is Neil Kemp and I have been a professional photographer for ten years. I love Jesus, my wonderful wife, my two beautiful children, wedding photography, red wine and a nice cup of coffee.

My favorite part of wedding photography is meeting new people and sharing a part of there story. It is a privilege to capture that story for eternity and seeing the emotion come back on our clients faces when they look at there albums.

To give our client the best possible service only do 20 to 25 weddings a year. We travel all over this beautiful country having the time of our lives doing what we love.

I grow up in the Free state (and yes, like Namibia all people from the Free state are friendly people). I went to University at Pukke where I studied Bcom Economics, Money and Banking. 
I did not start out with photography because in those day’s (now I sound old) photography was only a hobby for me. a Passionate hobby, but still a hobby.
I later did a course in Photography at University.
I started my professional career as an Commodities Trader on the JSE. 
Then one day my sister phones me up and tells me, she is getting married and can I take there picture’s.
I was like noooooo, but yes, noooo what if….. but yes.
I absolutely…… I LOVED IT.

I won a price in a magazine with their pictures, and that was it.
We have done a few hundred weddings now and still no two are the same. Our only philosophy as a company is to do the next wedding better that the previous one.
We try not to do more than 25 weddings a year, because we don’t want weddings to be something we do, we want it to keep being something we love.

What me as person is all about. I love my wife, she is a beautiful person inside and out and a wonderful mother. She keeps me on my toes.
I have the most beautiful little boy and girl for whom I will take on the world. I am Afrikaans contrary to my name. (funny I never realized I had an English name until I started with photography).

Wat my persoonlike filosofie betref, dink ek altyd aan ‘n liedjie wat Leon Ferreira sing.

“My Pa is die Koning van die heelal jy weet
En kom wat wil ek sal dit nooit vergeet
Die wind kan waai, die berge kan val
Hy’t gesê Hy voorsien en Hy sal
Ek’s die Koning se kind, ja dit maak my ‘n prins
My lewe is Christus, selfs die dood is ‘n wins
Vir niks is ek bang nie, dit sê ek jou nou
My Pa is die Koning onthou”
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